December 27, 2022

Today, air conditioning has become the most popular cooling system as it effectively circulates and filters the air. With that being said, more and more people have purchased AC systems in their houses since it is convenient and hassle-free. But just like other equipment, an air conditioner needs repair and maintenance. At Certified Air Conditioning, we deliver high-quality Maui AC solutions for your needs. Our team of technicians, estimators, project managers and engineers will assist you in getting the job done in no time.

Available Maui AC Solutions and Services

Certified Air Conditioning offers high-quality air conditioning solutions to every home in Hawaii. Check out some of our services so you can choose what will keep your air conditioning cool and working.

Ductless Split Systems Installation & Service

You can always go for the Ductless split system when you want a highly flexible solution for your air conditioning needs. This Maui AC solution will save energy and money since you can have a customizable experience. Furthermore, if you do not want to cool your unoccupied rooms, you can always ask for our assistance so we can create solutions that suit your needs.

Air Conditioning System Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. With that being said, always do preventative maintenance for your air conditioner. Do not wait for the time when it does not work well or it will no longer cool your space down, as it may lead to further damage. As much as possible, contact a licensed air conditioning contractor like us to help you with the maintenance. We give you hassle-free and comfortable servicing like no other.

Coil and Blower Wheel Cleaning

Aside from doing repairs, installations and maintenance, Certified Air Conditioning cleans and disinfects your AC system. Our Maui AC solutions eliminate contaminants, improve indoor air quality, prolong your AC system’s life and enhance your system’s efficiency. With our vast experience in coil and blower wheel cleaning, we ensure that our service will satisfy you.

Troubleshooting and Repair Service

Nothing is more annoying than knowing that your AC has stopped working during a hot summer day in Hawaii. You can work on it yourself. However, there is a possibility that you may worsen its condition. That is why you should always seek help if there is something is wrong with your AC. A well-trained, responsive, and reliable service specialist like us will assist you.

Central Air Conditioning Installation & Service

Regarding the high-efficiency central air conditioning, we have two types of installation. These Maui AC solutions are split system units and packaged units. The first one is an outdoor metal cabinet that contains the condenser and compressor, and an indoor cabinet that contains the evaporator. With regards to the second one, it includes the evaporator, condenser, and compressor in one cabinet. You can always consult our expert team to know the right system suited to your needs.

All in all, Certified Air Conditioning gives you a lot of Maui AC solutions. We ensure we can attend to your individual needs to help you and your systems in good shape. Contact us today if you want to keep your room’s temperature right. Rest assured, we give you a service that aligns with our goal of caring about the air you breathe. Talk to us about our available Maui AC solutions today!