Troubleshooting and Repair Service

One of the worst things that could happen on a hot, summer day here in Hawaii is knowing that your air condition and comfort provider just stopped working.

Or, noticing that something is not working right in your AC unit. It isn’t as cool as before. It produces a sound that wasn’t there before. Blowing dirt or dripping water from the unit just disturb your normal day.

Checking that electrical panel or condenser might not be your thing.


We at Certified Air Maui are always here to take care of your HVAC troubleshooting needs

We offer all the parts and components required to repair your unit. Coupled with complete tools and devices for diagnosis, we are right here to rescue you when your HVAC system suddenly malfunction or stops.

Our well-trained, responsive and reliable service department maintains a call center system throughout the country, catering to your needs and demands any time.

Your comfort is our utmost priority. For your air conditioner repair needs, give us a call anytime.

Our on-call quick response team will reach out to you in no time.

We are committed to giving you back that cool and clean air you deserve.