Air Conditioning Service Near Me on Maui
October 30, 2020

The best air conditioning service near me on Maui is provided by Certified Air Maui.

How to find the best air conditioning service near me on Maui is one of the questions we always ask while seeking for ways to keep the air conditioner in good shape. Every air conditioning system requires good maintenance to keep running smoothly and appropriately.

Regular servicing prolongs the life of the AC unit, helps you save on energy, repairs, and replacement costs. Sometimes, a simple maintenance such as changing the air filter in your AC unit on Maui can enhance its efficiency and improve your home’s air quality.

Why we often need air conditioning service near us on Maui

With a professional air conditioning service near on Maui we can get any maintenance service we need for our air conditioner. Here are key routine maintenance checks you can get with an air conditioner service near you on Maui:

air conditioning service near me on Maui


Air conditioning filters are some of the most crucial components to maintain. Dirty air conditioning filters can block the airflow in air conditioning systems, lowers the unit’s efficiency, or even make the entire unit to freeze up and stop working. As such, routinely replacing or cleaning your filters will keep them in a good shape. Also, it is important to avoid a scenario where the dirt in the ductwork makes it directly into the evaporator coil and lowers the coil’s ability to absorb heat.

There are various types of air conditioning filters on Maui, each with a different efficiency rating. For maximum performance, replace or clean them up regularly based on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. If your AC units on Maui are constantly running, or if you live close to a dirt road, or have furry pets, replacing your filter regularly will be a good idea. This explains why I need air conditioning service near me on Maui.


The two coils in air conditioning units accumulate dirt over time. Once a coil is dirty, it lowers the airflow and the coil is insulated. This lowers the coil’s capability to reject or absorb heat. The hot condenser coils and the cool evaporator coils requires cleaning on a yearly basis.

Nonetheless, the coils can require less cleaning if you clean your filters more often. Having a clean filter prevents your evaporators from soiling quickly. While cleaning, make sure the key places around the coil where debris and foliage accumulate are cleaned to ensure proper airflow. This is one of the reasons why I require air conditioning service near me on Maui.

Coil fins

You’ll find the coil fins on the condenser and evaporator coils. Coil fins bend easily and they can impede airflow if they are not straightened. Buy a “fin comb” to straighten the fins back into their initial position.

Condensate drains

Cleaning the condensate drain line which connects to the indoor evaporator coil makes it easier for the component to drain water appropriately. More so, you can do this by blowing through the pipe or passing a stiff wire through the drain pipe.

After taking all the steps mentioned above to ensure that the air conditioning unit is running smoothly, I can still do so more with the help of air conditioning service experts near me on Maui. These include:  

  • Oiling motors and inspecting belts for wear and tear
  • Testing for the proper amount of refrigerant
  • Checking for leaks
  • Testing the accuracy of the thermostat
  • Assessing airflow running through the evaporator coil.