Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Systems for Maui, Hawaii
July 27, 2017

There is a lot of talk about going green lately, and there are many ways in which to do it. In addition to lifestyle changes like recycling, taking public transportation, and conserving water usage, there are also changes you can make to the environment you live in. One of the most effective means of creating an earth-friendly home atmosphere is to use an Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System in Maui, Hawaii. Here’s what you need to know:

Benefits of energy efficient Air Conditioning Systems for Maui, Hawaii

It goes without saying that energy efficiency is vitally important to protecting the earth’s resources. For this reason alone, many Maui homeowners are prompted to consider energy efficiency when purchasing major home appliances. However, there are some other advantages to equipping your Maui house with an energy efficient HVAC. For starters, you can expect to save money by lowering your heating and cooling bill by double digit numbers, and by benefiting from an energy efficiency tax credit. Secondly, your Hawaii home will be more comfortable throughout the year—that means warmer and more evenly distributed heat during the coldest months of winter and colder air throughout the hot summer months.


All about Maui Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER)

An HVAC’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER, is its score in relation to just how energy efficient it is throughout the year, taking into account its output during the most demanding seasons (the dead heat of winter and the ice cold of winter). The SEER is measured in BTUs, and the higher the SEER, the more energy efficient the Maui unit is. The industry-accepted base grade (minimal, or standard) SEER number is 13, and the maximum is 21. Energy efficient models go up in increments of one—each unit higher representing an efficiency improvement of somewhere between five and ten percent.

Identifying energy efficient HVAC systems

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) makes it easy for you to determine which appliances meet current standards for energy efficiency in Maui, Hawaii. All models that are determined to function at an eco-optimal level are branded with the blue and white, ENERGY STAR logo. When shopping for energy efficient heating and air conditioning units for Maui, the ENERGY STAR label is your surest way to identify high-quality and high efficiency systems.


Your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system is central to your home’s health, and to your comfort and wellbeing. Therefore, it is important that you take proper measures to ensure its optimal functioning. You need a team of HVAC professionals on your side. We at A1 HVAC have the know-how and dedication necessary to providing you with thorough and reliable Maui HVAC care services. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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