Maui AC Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Unit in Good Shape
October 20, 2020

Air conditioners work best when maintained appropriately and at the right time. Regular maintenance of various parts of AC units keep them running smoothly for many years and at peak performance. So, what parts of AC units require regular maintenance? We shared some practical AC maintenance tips for Maui home and business owners. Let’s find out.

5 Maui AC Maintenance Tips

Air filters

Clogged and dirty air filters impede regular air flow and lowers the cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit. Once the filter is full of dirt, the air flow within the system finds a way around the filter and convey air directly to the evaporator coil.

When this happens, the cooling coils are soiled and cleaning the air filters becomes necessary. Once the air filters are cleaned, the entire systems generates suitable cooling. Also, if you have fur bearing pets like a cat or a dog, clean your air filter regularly to keep your system working perfectly.

Maui AC Maintenance

Evaporator Coils

As mentioned earlier, cleaning your air filter get rids of dust and dirt from soiling the cooling coils. However, over time some dust and dirt will slowly accumulate on the cooling coils. When this happens, it lowers the heat absorbing function of the coils and reduces the entire cooling capacity of the unit. An easy way out of this is to clean and service your evaporator coils at least once in a year.

Condenser Coils

The fan unit and the condenser are designed to be located outside the home. The outdoor atmosphere exposes the condenser and fan unit to various elements including dusts, debris, rain, falling leaves, and wind etc. All these outdoor elements and more have negative impacts on the condenser coils including soiling them.

These various outdoor elements impede the hot air and heat from dissipating outside. The poor heat dispersion heats up the compressor and condenser which can affect the overall performance of the air conditioning units. As such, cleaning the condenser coils at least once in a year is crucial to keep it in good shape.

Coil Fins

It’s easy to spot the aluminum fins on evaporator coils and condensers. Overtime, debris and dusts accumulates on the fins. So, cleaning the coil fins regularly is an effective method of protecting the condenser and evaporator. It also increases the lifespan of these units.

Unclog the rear drain

Sometimes, the drain at the rear end of an air conditioning unit can get blocked. When this happens, water that accumulates inside the air conditioning unit are trapped inside and then drips from any opening wherever the AC unit is installed. Worst still, once there’s no vent for the water inside the unit, the humidity level of whatever room the AC is meant for also increases. This overrides the essence of having an AC unit.

Never miss a Maui AC maintenance

Maui AC maintenance service will keep your unit running smoothly for many years. More so, the system will keep delivering optimum performance for as long as possible. Whenever you observe that your AC unit is underperforming or due for servicing, don’t hesitate to reach out to certified air conditioning professionals on Maui for top quality servicing.