Signs it’s time to upgrade your Maui air conditioning system
November 8, 2017

Maui air conditioning systems may have been a luxury few decades ago. But as time progresses, so does technology and new innovations competing on the market.

Today, an air conditioner is affordable. But many still have a difficult time dealing with having to change or upgrade their Maui air conditioning system.

Even if temperatures are stable and in a normal range, air conditioners still need a boost to keep doing their job in an efficient way.

But how do you know when is the right time for an upgrade? Read on to see what are the most obvious signs that show it’s time to invest in your Maui air conditioning system.

Maui air conditioning

1. The age of your Maui air conditioning system is a clear indicator

Even with important technological advancements, an air conditioner will start having problems after about a decade since the last upgrade.

If your unit is at least 10 years old, then you should definitely start thinking about investing in a new one.

2. Are your electricity bills particularly high?

It’s a well known fact that a new or upgraded Maui air conditioning system performs more efficiently.

If you’ve noticed your electric company is charging you now more than the usual, the AC unit in your home may be the cause.

3. Does your Maui air conditioning system need many repairs?

Without doubt, the need to constantly call the technician is a clear sign you might need an upgrade.

Air conditioners need proper maintenance and periodic check-ups, but only so often. If you need to call someone to fix it every month, you’re clearly dealing with an outdated unit.

4. Does your air conditioning unit make a lot of noise?

If your Maui air conditioning system is making a lot or noise, your first instinct might be to just call a technician. But if the noise persists and seems to become a real problem, it may be time to invest in an upgrade.

5. If not all rooms are cooled uniformly, your Maui air conditioner may be at fault

Are your rooms not cooled as efficiently as the rest of your home? Chances are it’s the air conditioner that’s causing the problem.

You may be tempted to call the technician to do a couple repairs. But if the problem persists, an upgrade or a new unit may solve your problem more cost efficiently.

6. The cost of the unit repairs exceeds the cost of a Maui air conditioner upgrade

Calling for AC repairs is nothing short of a normal habit. Many prefer to pay less for a repair than fork up a large sum of money and invest in an upgrade right away.

But when repair costs start to add up, the smart and very next thing to do is opt for an upgrade as soon as possible.

A Maui air conditioning unit doesn’t need to stop functioning altogether in order for you to start shopping for an upgrade. These signs are all clear indicators your system has stopped performing the way it used to and you may need to invest in a new one.

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