How to Replace a Broken Thermostat
December 27, 2016

A thermostat is an extremely important part of an air-conditioner.

A thermostat displays the temperature of the room. The advancement in technology has led to the development of programmable thermostats. This is an improvement over traditional mercury switch thermostats. The programmable thermostats allow the person to set the time frames, and the specific temperature to cool his room.

The air-conditioner being a machine, is not immune from damages.

There comes a time when the old thermostat requires replacement. The replacement of thermostat must be done carefully under expert supervision. Certified Air Conditioning specializes in replacement of a thermostat. We also advice on the optimum use of the air-conditioner. It is important to ask for the expert advice of Certified Air Conditioning before replacing the thermostat.

Many people rush to replace the thermostat just because their house is not heating. It is advisable to seek the expert advice if a person needs manual or programmable thermostat.

The first step in replacing the thermostat is shut-off all power and removing the entire unit.

The tools necessary for replacing the thermostat are:

  • flat-head screwdriver
  • wire cutter
  • an electrician’s tape to cleave to the wires.

As a safety precaution, it is advisable to cut-off the power till the thermostat replacement work is complete. The thermostat is behind the control panel. The covers need to be removed for replacing the thermostat. Normally the covers will come off when pulled, but if the covers do not come-off after pulling it might have screws that are require them to be unfastened.

The thermostat has a sensing bulb that determines the temperature. It is important to mark the position of the sensing bulb since the replacement must occur at the same spot.

The next step is careful labeling of the wires of thermostat.

It is extremely important to remember that there is no convention for color coding of wires. The thermostat manufacturers follow their independent color coding conventions. For example, a red wire is usually a 24 volt wire and G terminal is for fan. Carefully check that wires do not fall back to the wall. Place the thermostat on the same location as the old one. After removing the sub-base plate, drill the hole for screws.

Next step is to pull the wires from the gap in the hub of the sub-base holding the new thermostat sub-base to insert the screws.

Be careful not to fasten the screws too tight. Once the sub-base is in place, and the wire connection is good, pay attention to ensure that the wires do not make contact with each other.

The last step is to mount to thermostat to the sub-base.

That is all it takes to replace the thermostat. The replacement of the thermostat should not be done without expert supervision. This is to avoid damage to the thermostat.

Certified Air Conditioning provides expert advice on choosing the right thermostat. Our experts are here to serve you, our customers whether you need maintenance or have an emergency, we are only one phone call away. We pride ourselves on giving you great service at the best price in Maui, Hawaii.

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