Air Conditioner Types in Maui: Choosing the Best AC
June 26, 2019

Looking to cool your home this summer? Then you’re probably wondering about the different air conditioner types in Maui.

When it comes to “defending” yourself from the heat at home, investing in an AC unit is the first thing that should come to mind. However, choosing a new air conditioning system can be difficult.

Depending on your living situation, there are a handful of air conditioner types in Maui that you could choose from. Without further ado, here are the main characteristics of each one.

Air conditioner types in Maui

Maui AC Types

1. Portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioners are designed in such a way that you can literally, move them from one room to another, depending on what area of the house you need to cool.

This type of AC unit cools the room while blowing the warm air outside through an exhaust hose that should be previously installed on a window. The downside, however, is that a portable air conditioner, as versatile and is ideal as it may be to cool down one small room, it’s not exactly the best option to invest in if you’re living in a large or medium sized home in Maui.

2. Window air conditioner

A window air conditioner is a compact unit that should be installed in the window of the room you want to cool.

Just like portable air conditioners, a window AC unit’s job is to cool the room while allowing the want air to be blown outside. However, while this type of air conditioning system works great in small spaces, you’ll soon discover that a window AC won’t be enough to cool an entire home efficiently.

3. Central air conditioners

Of all the various air conditioner types in Maui, central AC units are, by far, the most popular option for homeowners on the island.

The way this type of system works is simple. Central AC systems use ducts to bring in the cool air into your home. They circulate the cool air through a supply pipe and allow the warm air to flow back into the return ducts. Furthermore, they are relatively quiet and, in extreme humidity, this system also works well with a humidifier.

Thanks to the ability to cool down a closed environment efficiently, central air conditioners make for the ideal option for anyone looking to invest in a new AC system for their home.

4. Ductless split air conditioning systems

You can recognize a ductless split system by the outdoor compressor and the indoor handling unit.

The great thing about this air conditioner type is that it allows you to cool individual rooms in your house. So, if you’re looking to save energy and money in the long run, this option may be the best one for you.

Many ductless split systems can have as many as 4 individual handling units, allowing you to zone your individual rooms as you see fit. Each zone can be equipped with its own thermostat, allowing you to regulate the temperature and ultimately, your level of comfort.

At Certified Air Maui, we create personalized solutions to suit your individual requirements. Contact us today for more information on the different air conditioner types in Maui and find out how to choose the best one for your needs.