Questions to Ask Maui Air Conditioning Companies
November 15, 2017

When you plan to buy a new air conditioning system, what do you discuss with Maui air conditioning companies?

Utility bills take up a serious chunk out of a family’s budget. And central air conditioning can have a big influence on it.

If you’re comparing Maui air conditioning companies, you should keep these questions in mind. Buying your first air conditioning system should be done after careful research.

Maui Air Conditioning Companies

1. Ask Maui air conditioning companies about your cooling needs

Air conditioning systems come in different sizes. For a small apartment, a small AC system should definitely suffice. But if you home is bigger, you should discuss about calculating the right size of a unit to cool your house.

Maui air conditioning companies calculate your actual cooling needs by using the Manual J residential load calculation. By taking into account certain characteristics of your home, professionals are able to tell you which device will be appropriate for you needs.

2. Is the air conditioning system efficient?

When choosing your first AC unit, make sure to ask about how energy efficient your cooling system is.

An air conditioning unit will, indeed, add some extra “stress” to your electric bill. But in order to worry less about the energy bill skyrocketing, ask about the SEER ratings.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is an important factor. It can determine whether or not the AC unit you’re about to buy is efficient enough to be worth the price.

3. How soon can Maui air conditioning companies install your unit

If you’re on the lookout for an AC unit to cool down your home, you probably need it installed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, installing a new air conditioning system isn’t all that simple. While other devices you simply need to plug in, AC units need a bit more prep work.

In order to properly install a new system, Maui air conditioning companies need at least a whole day to work. Duct work, plumbing and electrical wiring are only a few aspects professionals need to take into consideration.

With that said, keep in mind that the installation process might require time. But do, however, ask how long!

4. Ask Maui air conditioning companies about the brands

Do you have a preferred AC brand in mind? A Maui air conditioning expert might know if your system of choice is worth investing in!

Air conditioning professionals have surely worked with several brands throughout the years. While your brand of choice might sound good on paper, it can’t hurt to hear a second opinion.

Asking an expert about it can help you make sure the air conditioning unit you’re about to buy is reliable, efficient and won’t cause you much trouble.

5. Do Maui air conditioning companies offer periodical maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is just as important as installing a system for the first time.

Although AC units are designed to last at least 10 good years, skipping the periodical maintenance will reduce that time frame significantly.

Ask your Maui air conditioning company if they offer preventive maintenance. This way, you can make sure your new unit will work flawlessly and will cool down your home for years to come.

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